The Durabone Prophecies

The Durabone Prophecies

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The Durabone Prophecies is a novel about human nature and human destiny. It is a multiplot story of romance, relationships, human emotions, and pleasure vs. purpose. Also, it is a mystery novel with predictions for the future of the Earth and the human race. Four riveting romance stories are intertwined and involve major characters who unexpectedly find love. The major plot and all subplots are related in some way to the main character and counseling psychologist, Dr. Franklin Durabone, who, after a near-death experience, commits to his destined purpose to write The Durabone Prophecies. This prophetic book by Dr. Durabone is based on the prophetic revelations of his mother, a€œMama Durabone, a€ who sees alternative destinies for Earth and its human race through her visions and dreams. The story takes the reader to Paris (France), Washington, DC, Chicago, Virginia, and Florida. For the reader of The Durabone Prophecies, author Frederick Douglas Harper evokes intense emotional feelings, laughter, sensual arousal, nostalgic memories, intellectual debate, philosophical questions, and spiritual exploration. The Durabone Prophecies is a self-help novel, because psychological principles and messages are embedded in the story. Also, characters are subliminal teachers and role models of human imperfection and vulnerability as well as human possibility and hope.Dorothy was wondering if Abe would change his mind at the last minute and come over. ... That statement blew a fuse for Dorothy, a€œLook Franklin, you have the right to come to get your things from my house and not a#39;the house, a#39; and you haveanbsp;...

Title:The Durabone Prophecies
Author:Frederick Douglas Harper
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-08-25


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