The Durham Report and British Policy

The Durham Report and British Policy

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In 1838 Lord Melbourne's Whig government in Britain sent the radical Lord Durham to Canada as Governor-General to deal with a colony in the aftermath of a rebellion. Durham's vanity and arrogance made him a poor choice for the post, and he resigned a few months later after the government had been forced to overrule him for exceeding his powers. After his return to Britain he wrote his Report on the Affairs of British North America - and its unauthorized publication in the Times caused a sensation. This report - the famous 'Durham Report' - has been seen as the starting point of the British tradition of colonial self-rule leading through the Statute of Westminster of 1931 to the independent self-governing Commonwealth of today.A Critical Essay Ged Martin ... And Russell was able to give examples of good or bad speeches which had swayed debates on colonial subjects.1 Of course, the material for the effective speech would probably be drawn from reports and blue anbsp;...

Title:The Durham Report and British Policy
Author:Ged Martin
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 1972


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