The Dynamic Manager's Guide To Marketing

The Dynamic Manager's Guide To Marketing

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Businesses come and go and there are plenty of reasons for their success or failure, but the ones that thrive almost always have one thing in common: they are good marketers. What does that mean? It means they make all their business decisions based on meeting their customers q needs. Which products or services they sell, where they sell them, how much they charge for them, how they encourage customers to buy them, and all the other thousands of business decisions a good marketer makes start with a simple question: how will this affect my customers?Dave Donelson has helped hundreds of small business owners and managers create marketing strategies that expand their companies while turning their existing clientele into customers for life. In The Dynamic Manager qs Guide To Marketing, he qll show you how to learn everything you can about your customers. What makes them tick, what they want out of life, why they get out of bed in the morning. These things will tell you why they do business with your Aca‚n -or with your competitors.Then he qll show you how to use that information to turn your small company into a big one by following a few basic rules of the marketing game. Some of them come from his experiences in his own companies, some from the things he learned working with his clients over the years. Others were drawn from the lessons taught him by small business owners themselves, from auto repair shop owners to nursery retailers, clothing stores to insurance agents. In other words, this book isn qt about theory Aca‚n -it qs about the real world of small business marketing.Much of the material in The Dynamic Manager qs Guide To Marketing comes from seminars Dave Donelson has presented around the country over the years. Some of it has appeared previously in the national business and trade publications he writes for. The book is organized to encourage you to sample, to think about, and to try out different concepts over time. You qll find some useful guidance that fits your specific situation and discover some tactics you can use to accomplish your particular goals. Above all, you'll gain a few insights into how to grow your business.As Pruitt points out, a€œThe Honda Civic that that teenagera€Ÿs driving out there is comparable to our generationa€Ÿs a€ž55 Chevy. Unfortunately, usually those guys dona€Ÿt have the money.a€ a€œA lot of those guys want to buy every part over the Internet, anbsp;...

Title:The Dynamic Manager's Guide To Marketing
Author:Dave Donelson
Publisher:Donelson SDA Inc - 2010-09-27


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