The Eagle and The Arrow

The Eagle and The Arrow

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Being the director of a secret agency isna€™t easy; we have almost no budget, all of our agents are stupid kids and extremists, and my boss is a corrupt senator, but ita€™s a decent job. Or it was, until a few months ago, when an important package disappeared and one of our agents went rogue, killing three men. Now shea€™s in Guantanamo, and Ia€™ve got orders to deal with her. Personally.I need to check my email. Ita#39;s only Monday, but therea#39;s ... a€œI was kind of hoping Ia#39;d actually find out what the Resistance is, a€ she says. I make a noncommittal noise. No service, but there is wi-fi: Gitmo1. I try it, but it needs a password. a€œDo you know?a€ I look up. The kid was pale ... I recognize that iPhone. I know why youa#39;re here.

Title:The Eagle and The Arrow
Author:A.J. O'Connell
Publisher:Vagabondage Press LLC -


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