The Economist: Business Strategy 3rd edition

The Economist: Business Strategy 3rd edition

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The effectiveness of a good strategy well implemented determines a business' future success or failure. Yet history is full of strategic decisions, big and small, that were ill-conceived, poorly organised and consequently disastrous. This updated guide looks at the whole process of strategic decision-making - from vision, forecasting, and resource allocation, through to implementation and innovation. Strategy is about understanding where you are now, where you are heading and how you will get there. There is no room for timidity or confusion. Although the CEO and the board decide a company's overall direction, it is the managers at all levels of the organisation that will determine how the vision can be transformed into action. In short, everyone is involved in strategy. But getting it right involves difficult choices: which customers to target, what products to offer and the best way to keep costs low and service high. And constantly changing business conditions inevitably bring risks. Even after business strategy has been developed, a company must remain nimble and alert to change, and view strategy as an ongoing and evolving process. The message of this guide is simple: strategy matters, and getting it right is fundamental to business success - this book will show you how.for service, Canon designed its copiers for maximum reliability. Each copier had ... It made replacement parts modular so that customers could replace them when they wore out, removing the need for a service network. ... The design was so simple that traditional officeproduct dealers could be trained to make repairs. Lastlyanbsp;...

Title:The Economist: Business Strategy 3rd edition
Author:Jeremy Kourdi
Publisher:Profile Books - 2015-03-26


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