The Economist: Marketing for Growth

The Economist: Marketing for Growth

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Marketing for Growth is a guide to how the marketing function within a business can and should become its most important driver of growth. Marketers play a crucial role in generating revenue and they can play an equally important role in how revenues translate into profit. Growth is also about becoming a better business by being smarter or more efficient, and growing in a sustainable way. This involves developing and improving products, processes and standard of service. Marketers have their ear to the ground and therefore are often the first to pick up on changing customer needs and behaviour and the forces at play in markets. This increases the impact marketing should have on all those aspects of a business. The book is in three parts: the first part explores who are the most valuable customers, the second the most effective ways to drive revenue growth and the third the best ways to improve profitability. It combines insight and practical guidance, and is supported by a wealth of hard data and anecdotal evidence based on the experiences of a wide range of business in Britain, America, Europe and Asia. Among the firms featured are Amazon, China Mobile, Dove, Goldman Sachs, Haier, ING Direct, Lenovo, Mini, Procter a Gamble, Red Bull, Target, Twitter, Virgin and Zara.In its first year the Evoque added an additional 20.6% to the total sales of Tataa#39;s Jaguar Land Rover division. The Range Rover Discovery, a strength product, continued to sell well, increasing by 6, 200 units in 2011a€“12. The Jaguar XF car wasanbsp;...

Title:The Economist: Marketing for Growth
Author:Iain Ellwood
Publisher:Profile Books - 2014-01-09


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