The Effects of Accountability Systems on Motivation to Rate Accurately

The Effects of Accountability Systems on Motivation to Rate Accurately

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A critical role of supervisors in the workplace is to guide and motivate the behavior of front-line employees, particularly those employees whose primary job entails customer service interactions. However, if accountability is not communicated and enforced to supervisors, they may be less motivated to adhere to organizational policies. The current experimental study examined how accountability systems and their implementation influence the motivation and behavior of those rating behavior accurately. Of unique interest is the use of an objective and non-dichotomous measure of the outcome behavior of accuracy. Participants (N = 174) were randomly assigned to one of 3 experimental conditions (accountability vs. no accountability vs. control) and then trained to evaluate vignettes of customer service interactions. In the pre and posttests, participants completed measures related to the constructs of the theory of planned behavior, perceived accountability, behavioral intention, and accuracy. Structural equation modeling and regression analyses were performed to test the utility of a theory of planned behavior (TPB) model and a modified TPB model that includes perceived accountability in the area of ratings accuracy. Results indicated that the TPB variables were predictors of behavioral intention, which was a subsequent significant, though weak, predictor of improved ratings accuracy. In addition, a perceived accountability instrument was created and tested for convergent and divergent validity and an extended TPB model with the inclusion of perceived accountability was tested. Perceptions of accountability were shown to influence attitudes, subjective norms, and perceived behavioral control. Perceptions of accountability were not found to influence increased ratings accuracy or to be a strong predictor of behavioral intentions to rate accurately. Key limitations of this research include the student sample used, as well as the lab setting, and induction effectiveness.Your Age Male Female Please check one that best describes your ethnicity: Black/African-American Native American Asian American ... Graduate degree ( Masters) Other (Please describe) Associates Degree If currently attending college, what is your major concentration? If currently attending college, how long? Work experience: Are you currently employed? ... (you may indicate more than one) Administrative/Support Clerical Customer facing Management/ Supervisor Retail Salesanbsp;...

Title:The Effects of Accountability Systems on Motivation to Rate Accurately
Publisher:ProQuest - 2008


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