The Elephant-Shrew

The Elephant-Shrew

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The second in the well-received African Safari Adventure Series, The Elephant-Shrew follows the adventures of Lucy, Kal and Ellie as they help Craig, the manager of the Simba wildlife ranch in Tanzania, to translocate a rare but dangerous antelope.Caught in a violent rainstorm, the group's plane is forced to make an emergency landing and the children find themselves spending the night in a cave, a cave with a mysterious message scrawled on the wall. The discovery of further messages takes them, together with Matata, their Maasai friend and Fupi the terrier, into the murky past of the East African slave trade. Follow the children as they make a gruesome discovery in the Cave of the Rock Cod. What will the man whom only Lucy sees reveal about the hidden secrets of the forest?a€œI want to inspire young readers to learn more about wild Africa, a€ says Anthony, who has set the book in a beautiful coastal region. Readers can join in the childrena€™s adventures whilst learning about coastal wildlife, African animals and the dark past of slavery in East Africa.a#39;Kal, wait!a#39; cried Ellie. a#39;Shine the torch back where you were.a#39; a#39;Just scribbles a€“ some kid messing about.a#39; a#39;Kal, keep the torch still, a#39; said Ellie. She peered closely at the marks. a#39;No, ita#39;s writing; Ia#39;m sure it is. Has anyone got a paper and pencil?

Title:The Elephant-Shrew
Author:Anthony Irvin
Publisher:Troubador Publishing Ltd - 2010


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