The Emperor's Clothes

The Emperor's Clothes

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There is little dispute that the economy of the United States has many difficult future challenges. The astronomical budget deficits require massive and growing indebtedness to fund. The loss of competitive advantage of many key industries in the United States has lead to a hemorrhaging of dollars to countries such as China, India, and the oil producing countries. An aging population, poorly prepared for their retirement years, with declining health will lead to increasing claims on our Federal entitlement system. Corruption, ethical malfeasance, and engagement in an endless war against a poorly defined enemy promises to continue draining the productive economic, emotional, and psychological resources of the United States. At the same time, the United States remains dependent for its energy supplies on countries and regions which do not look favorably upon the United States. Consideration of the implications of these circumstances upon one's personal financial and investment decisions is crucial. This book provides a framework, and guidance, for thinking about the risks and opportunities in this economic and investment climate.6 Many of the recipients of the advice had neither the aptitude nor the desire to take into consideration more global events or circumstances. ... Seniors between the ages of 65 and 69 had the most rapid rise in credit card debt of 217%.

Title:The Emperor's Clothes
Author:Ryan Darwish, Ryan Darwish Mba
Publisher:Ryan Darwish - 2007


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