The Encyclopedia of Caribbean Religions

The Encyclopedia of Caribbean Religions

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The Encyclopedia of Caribbean Religions is the definitive reference for Caribbean religious phenomena from a Caribbean perspective. Generously illustrated, this landmark project combines the breadth of a comparative approach to religion with the depth of understanding of Caribbean spirituality as an ever-changing and varied historical phenomenon. Organized alphabetically, entries examine how Caribbean religious experiences have been shaped by and have responded to the processes of colonialism and the challenges of the postcolonial world. _x000B__x000B_Systematically organized by theme and area, the encyclopedia considers religious traditions such as Vodou, Rastafari, Sunni Islam, Sanatan Dharma, Judaism, and the Roman Catholic and Seventh-day Adventist churches. Detailed subentries present topics such as religious rituals, beliefs, practices, specific historical developments, geographical differences, and gender roles within major traditions. Also included are entries that address the religious dimensions of geographical territories that make up the Caribbean. _x000B__x000B_Representing the culmination of more than a decade of work by the associates of the Caribbean Religions Project, The Encyclopedia of Caribbean Religions will foster a greater understanding of the role of religion in Caribbean life and society, in the Caribbean diaspora, and in wider national and transnational spaces.For obvious historical reasons, the MccA relates closely to the British/Irish Conference of the Methodist Church (Mcb). For obvious geographical reasons, the MccA has an ongoing relationship with the United Methodist Church (UMc) of the United ... George Mulrain BiBliograPhy Blackman, Francis (Woodie). 1988. ... Methodists and Papists: John Wesley and the Catholic Church in the Eighteenth Century.

Title:The Encyclopedia of Caribbean Religions
Author:Patrick Taylor
Publisher:University of Illinois Press - 2015-09-24


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