The End Of Stress

The End Of Stress

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Where does stress come from? For more than half a century, we've been told it comes from 'adverse external influences', that it's a by-product of our ancestors' fight-or-flight response, and that because life on earth has changed radically, stress is inevitable today. All of this, according to Andrew Bernstein, is wrong. In The End of Stress, he shows you exactly why it's wrong. He takes readers back to the 1930s, pointing out a fundamental error in how the stress concept was initially formulated, and how this mistaken formula has resulted in people relying on inefficient tools such as relaxation and positive thinking. Bernstein then reveals the truth about where stress comes from and introduces a 7-step process that transforms common challenges - including relationships, money, success, weight loss, heartbreak, uncertainty, interpersonal conflict and the loss of a loved one. The End of Stress offers a complete re-education in the nature of negative emotions, training readers in how to transform any issue - at home, at school, at work - in order to live happier, healthier lives.You decide you want to lose some weight, so you avoid certain foods. No dessert . No carbs. No candy. ... When enough of these beliefs are in play, you may get angry (like Dr. V ), do drugs (like the men at Phoenix House), or eat. We all have aanbsp;...

Title:The End Of Stress
Author:Andrew J. Bernstein
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2013-09-05


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