The Equity Risk Premium : Essays and Explorations

The Equity Risk Premium : Essays and Explorations

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What is the return to investing in the stock market? Can we predict future stock market returns? How have equities performed over the last two centuries? The authors in this volume are among the leading researchers in the study of these questions. This book draws upon their research on the stock market over the past two dozen years. It contains their major research articles on the equity risk premium and new contributions on measuring, forecasting, and timing stock market returns, together with new interpretive essays that explore critical issues and new research on the topic of stock market investing. This book is aimed at all readers interested in understanding the empirical basis for the equity risk premium. Through the analysis and interpretation of two scholars whose research contributions have been key factors in the modern debate over stock market perfomance, this volume engages the reader in many of the key issues of importance to investors. How large is the premium? Is history a reliable guide to predict future equity returns? Does the equity and cash flows of the market? Are global equity markets different from those in the United States? Do emerging markets offer higher or lower equity risk premia? The authors use the historical performance of the world's stock markets to address these issues.Essays and Explorations William N. Goetzmann Yale University, Roger G. Ibbotson Yale University. Notes 1. Roger G. Ibbotson and Rex A. ... A few errors in this historical paper were uncovered after its publication. ... From 1969 to 1974, the Salomon Brothers High-Grade, Long-Term Corporate Bond Index is used. ... of Inflation, a€ Journal of Financial Economics 2, no. 4 (December 1975): 341a€“60. 11. Analysis of the regression residuals indicates that both processes are heteroscedastic.

Title:The Equity Risk Premium : Essays and Explorations
Author:William N. Goetzmann Yale University, Roger G. Ibbotson Yale University
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA - 2006-10-18


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