The Everything Boxer Book

The Everything Boxer Book

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With their lovable personalities and easy-going attitudes, it comes as no surprise that boxers are such desired pets! Sweet, caring dogs that love their families, boxers make great and loyal friends. If you already own a boxer, or are looking into getting one, The Everything Boxer Book is your one-stop handbook for everything you need to know about owning and caring for a boxer. Written by boxer trainer, breeder, and owner Karla Spitzer, this easy-to-read book contains vital information about raising a boxer, including: preparing and boxer-proofing your home; housetraining 101; feeding your boxer the right foods; spotting common health and behavior disorders--and fixing them; traveling safely with your boxer; training and socialization skills that your boxer will remember for life; and so much more. So whether you need to train a puppy, or teach an older dog some new tricks, The Everything Boxer Book is your dog's ticket to a happy and healthy life.And though the dog himself doesna#39;t know or care that his achievements have been noted, a title says many things in the ... Substitute the name of your boxer for a€œdoga€ in the essay, and see if you are not moved to want to demonstrate to the anbsp;...

Title:The Everything Boxer Book
Author:Karla Spitzer
Publisher:Adams Media - 2006-03-27


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