The Evidence for Evolution

The Evidence for Evolution

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According to polling data, most Americans doubt that evolution is a real phenomenon. And ita€™s no wonder that so many are skeptical: many of todaya€™s biology courses and textbooks dwell on the mechanisms of evolutiona€”natural selection, genetic drift, and gene flowa€”but say little about the evidence that evolution happens at all. How do we know that species change? Has there really been enough time for evolution to operate? With The Evidence for Evolution, Alan R. Rogers provides an elegant, straightforward text that details the evidence for evolution. Rogers covers different levels of evolution, from within-species changes, which are much less challenging to see and believe, to much larger ones, say, from fish to amphibian, or from land mammal to whale. For each case, he supplies numerous lines of evidence to illustrate the changes, including fossils, DNA, and radioactive isotopes. His comprehensive treatment stresses recent advances in knowledge but also recounts the give and take between skeptical scientists who first asked a€œhow can we be surea€ and then marshaled scientific evidence to attain certainty. The Evidence for Evolution is a valuable addition to the literature on evolution and will be essential to introductory courses in the life sciences.For example, your first arch develops into a jaw, whether you are a shark or a human. ... In the nerves of a fish, this leads to a simple wiring diagram. ... They remind me more of the plumbing system in an old house that has been repeatedly remodeled by a succession of plumbers, none of whom thought much about theanbsp;...

Title:The Evidence for Evolution
Author:Alan R. Rogers
Publisher:University of Chicago Press - 2011-06-01


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