The Family Guide to Fighting Fat

The Family Guide to Fighting Fat

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A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO A HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY More than 30 percent of American children are overweight. Childhood obesity has become an epidemic in this country, leading to early onset diabetes and a general health crisis for children. The best plan to attack obesity starts at home and engages the whole family. And now, the experts at Texas Children's Hospital are providing the tools to do it. This book gives parents the information and strategies they need to help their children eat less fast food and boost fitness. It features information on healthy diet and exercise options for every age group. It gets families off to the right start for losing extra pounds and guides them through a step-by-step approach to creating a personalized plan for controlling weight. Through this guide, the experts at Texas Children's Hospital empower parents to establish healthy family habits. With numerous nutritious recipes, fun activities to get the family fit, and helpful tips to overcome weight management roadblocks, this guide is an excellent resource for parents who want to make a healthy lifestyle a way of life. Drawing on the expertise of the wide range of health professionals at Texas Children's Hospital, this book is a comprehensive and authoritative guide to family weight management and smart nutrition. Texas Children's Hospital is one of the largest pediatric medical centers in the United States. Consistently recognized as one of the top children's hospitals in the nation by Child magazine and the U.S. News a World Report, Texas Children's Hospital is committed to creating a community of healthy children through excellence in patient care, education and research.A positive attitude, focusing on small changes and gradually improving your health, is the key ingredient for success. It is not about adiet that ... As he spends more time with friends, he adds two sodasper day to his intake. Not aproblem, right?

Title:The Family Guide to Fighting Fat
Author:Texas Children's Hospital
Publisher:St. Martin's Griffin - 2013-11-19


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