The Farming Game

The Farming Game

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In cantankerous opinions, hard-headed advice, and free-swinging sketches of real farmers, Bryan Jones addresses everyone who feels the pull of the land. He accepts the emotional appeal of a€œgoing back to the landa€ and then takes the unconventional stand that, above all, farming can be a good way to make money. Against the grain of public policy that, he maintains, encourages big agriculture, Jones works out how a shrewd, stubborn small farmer can still make a go of it. His keen-eyed sketches of farmers at work show the variety of ways a farmer may succeed or fail. Even his own neighborhood, dominated by thousands of acres of corn and high technology, is peopled with a€œscalpera€ who makes a living in the cattle business with little more stake than a gooseneck trailer, a telephone, and his native wits; the sheep man who secretly grows rich while looking poor and raising an animal that other farmer disdain; the experimenter who never turns a nickel himself, but whose successful innovations are readily adopted by his neighbors; the hog raiser who makes a large family pay. The heart of the book is the primer for novicesa€”and for city folk who dream of farming. Jones emphasizes the practicalities of farm finance and recommends sidelines for the beginnera€”welding, giving guitar lessons, keeping the books for a local elevatora€”as an alternative to starving. He urges newcomers to start small and to be sure that farming is something they really want to do. To interested bystanders, The Farming Game offers one farmera€™s audacious, stimulating, and entertaining view of American agriculture today.He also bought corn to creep-feed his lambs, to the tune of $1, 000. ... He kept 200 ewe lambs for breeding and sold 200 old ewes, which netted him $7, 000. ... Edwin owns an A John Deere with an old-style Farmhand loader for which he paid $750 in 1970. ... He has a 13 Vi foot disc bought in 1974 for $450, a four-row planter bought in 1974 for $300, a four-row cultivator also bought in 1974 for $22 $, anbsp;...

Title:The Farming Game
Author:Bryan Jones
Publisher:U of Nebraska Press - 1995-03-01


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