The Father's Heart

The Father's Heart

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LIFE CAN HAVE MANY STRESSFUL SITUATIONS. DO YOU FIND YOURSELF HAVING A HARD TIME SHOWING LOVE AS YOU DESIRE BECAUSE THINGS BECOME STRESSFUL? a€œTHE FATHERa€™S HEART: TRUE LOVE, a€ issues a valuable opportunity for gaining more insight on what true love looks like. What Christians need more than ever is a teachable heart for receiving what is in the Heavenly Fathera€™s heart for His people, especially His love. What comes to your mind when you think of love? Ita€™s safe to say you hear the word love used all the time. You may even say it a lot. Yet, how often do we think about what love really means? For instance, a€œI love youa€ is maybe the most used statement of all time. Since we communicate something about love in some sort of way, then this certainly tells us we all want it. In the core of the Fathera€™s heart is the love He has for His children. Is it in the core of your heart to love the Lord with your whole being? The child of God who has a love that isna€™t found in this world abides in the One that takes him into the supernatural. DO YOU SEE HOW IMPERATIVE IT IS TO KNOW WHAT THE MAKE-UP OF TRUE LOVE IS SO THAT IT CAN BE ACTIVE AND EFFECTIVE IN YOUR LIFE? This book primarily focuses on the vital importance of distinguishing the types of love from that type that is genuine, or what I continually refer to throughout the book as true love. We all want love, we all need love, but what kind are we looking for to receive and give out?We thought it wouldna#39;t work out, because the car was bought by my wifea#39;s parents , but it now belonged to us. Basically, we ... Thankfully, we were eligible for the warranty, and what was amazing was it only had a week and a half left before it expired! My wife and I ... However, little did I know the inner trouble I would undergo during the many days our car was being worked on at the dealership. I foundanbsp;...

Title:The Father's Heart
Author:Jeremy Long
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2011-08-24


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