The Finite Element Method in Charged Particle Optics

The Finite Element Method in Charged Particle Optics

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This multidisciplinary book is intended to serve as a reference for postgraduate students and researchers working in the fields of charged particle optics or other finite-element-related applications. It is also suitable for use as a graduate text. For the non-specialist in charged particle optics, the opening chapters provide an introduction to the kinds of field problems that occur in charged particle beam systems. A new and comprehensive approach to the subject is taken. The finite element method is placed within a wider framework than strictly charged particle optics. Concepts developed in fluid flow and structural analysis, not hitherto used in charged particle optics, are presented. Benchmark test results provide a way of comparing the finite element method to other field-solving methods. The book also reports on some high-order interpolation techniques and mesh generation methods that will be of interest to other finite element researchers. Additional coverage includes: field theory and field solutions for charged particle optics; aspects of the finite difference method related to the finite element method; finite element theory and procedure, including detailed formulation of local and global matrices; higher-order elements, which can be an effective way of improving finite element accuracy; the finite element method in three dimensions; ways to formulate scalar and vector problems for magnetic fields; and significant reduction of truncation errors using higher-order elements and extrapolation methods.... has been done in this area. This section outlines some of the main issues linking the accuracy of finite element field solutions to mesh topology. ... Secondly , the specification of the regions is essentially a manual task, and for a problem ... Kang et al [3] proposed an expanding mesh of this kind for electron gun simulation, while Lencova has advocated its use for the near axis region of electron lenses [4].

Title:The Finite Element Method in Charged Particle Optics
Author:Anjam Khursheed
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 1999-09-30


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