The First Nativity (Part II)

The First Nativity (Part II)

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Summary of The First Nativity (Part II) This Part has five chapters. The first chapter provides the historical, cultural, and literary setting of the birth of Christ and His Advent. It mainly concerns itself with the Greco-Roman and Jewish world that Jesus entered as Incarnate deity. The second chapter focuses on Matthew 1:18-25 and the relationship of Joseph and Mary, the fascinating genealogies, and the matter of the virgin birth and prophetic fulfillment. The third chapter covers Luke 1 with Luke's distinctive introduction of Zechariah and Elizabeth and Gabriel's visit to them and the conception of John the Baptist. It also, naturally, reveals Mary's side of the Nativity story, with Gabriel's visit to her in Nazareth, her journey of faith and encounter with her pregnant kinswoman, Elizabeth and their poems of praise (the Beatitude, the Magnificat) together with Zechariah's Benedictus). The fourth chapter is the main Nativity narrative with the circumstances of Caesar's degree and the Roman registration with the Holy family's coming to Bethlehem and Mary's actual giving birth to Jesus. It also contemplates the Shepherd's encounter with the Angels and their visit to the Manger (cave in Bethlehem ?) where the Child was. Later, Jesus' dedication at the Temple and the praises of Simeon (e.g., the Nunc Dimittis) and Anna are richly described. The last chapter is the perhaps the most involved with a close historical description of Herod and his times, the mysterious character of the believing Magi, the gifts to the Christ child, Herod's slaughter of the Bethlehem innocents, and the Holy Family's escape to Egypt and eventual return to Nazareth. This is all drawn from Matthew, chapter 2. There is also a lengthy and meticulously analytical discussion of the Star of Bethlehem and theories about it. Joseph David Rhodes, M.A., M.Div.19Cf. Josephus, Jewish Antiquities 15.10.3 AsAs363; 15.10.4 AsAs365a€“72; 16.2.5 AsAs 64a€“65; and Jewish Wars 1.21.3 AsAs 404a€“6. ... from Lacedemon and other gossips aroused in King Heroda#39;s mind new ideas of Alexander and Aristobulusa#39; conspiracies. ... Archaeology Review, May/June 1983; and Ehud Netzer, a€œIn Search of Heroda#39;s Tomb, a€ BAR, January/February 2011. ... a€œKing Herod Revealed : The Holy Landa#39;s Visionary Builder, a€ in the National Geographic Magazine online , December, anbsp;...

Title:The First Nativity (Part II)
Author:Joseph David Rhodes, M.A., M.Div.
Publisher:Joseph David Rhodes. Rhodes' Educational Ministries - 2015-04-20


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