The Flight of the Phoenix

The Flight of the Phoenix

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The business environment in Zimbabwe is changing. Why should it matter to you? The world as we knew it, is upside down. Lehman, Euro Crisis, Ponzi-Schemes of global proportions. What had been perceived as secure, looks increasingly shaky a€“ like Western sovereign bonds. So the independent mind should take a fresh look at investment frontiers were the prejudiced would run away screaming. And there is hardly a country as undervalued as Zimbabwe. The catalyst for change will be its industrious people and the elections of 2013. In this book you will learn about: - The past and present of Zimbabwe - The Zimbabwean hyperinflation, how it relates to what all central banks are doing now and how to protect yourself - Why Africa in general and Zimbabwe in particular offers ample opportunities for business uncorrelated to the West - Scenarios for the election outcomes a€“ timing is key Caveat Emptor! TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1 INTRODUCTION 2 PAST AND PRESENT ZIMBABWE 3 THE WESTERN DEBT CRISIS - AND HOW IT RELATES TO ZIMBABWE 4 THIRTY YEARS OF INDEPENDENCE: A CASE STUDY IN ARRESTED SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT 5 MICRO-ECONOMIC DEEP DIVE: ZIMBABWE'S ECONOMIC SECTORS 6 CURRENT ISSUES: RESTRICTIVE MEASURES AND INDIGENISATION 7 IN SEARCH FOR SAFE HAVENS: INVESTING IN AFRICA IN GENERAL AND ZIMBABWE IN PARTICULAR 8 THE UPCOMING ELECTION OF 2013 9 CONCLUSION AND OUTLOOK... in three shifts.513 Quest Motor Manufacturing (Pvt) Limited Quest Motor Manufacturing started operating in 1960 as a motor vehicle manufacturing plant under ... Quest currently holds the franchise for BMW, Chery, Foton, ... Currently, they assemble Cherry (Tiggo SUV), JMC and Foton from CKD and SKD kits respectively.

Title:The Flight of the Phoenix
Author:Joerg Bauer
Publisher:epubli - 2013-07-17


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