The Fork In The Road

The Fork In The Road

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It was September of 1985. Nick Stavros was barely 24 years old and going nowhere fast. Two years ago, the day before he found out he had to drop out of college, his life seemed full of promise. Today, he, his best friend, Max, and their merry band of misfits sold cars by day and chased women by night.. Hung over, every morning. Broke, at the end of every week. Going nowhere fast, with nothing but blind hope ahead. It was, perhaps, Prometheus who saw their plight who sent the lightning bolt from the Heavens. On September 5, 1985, Nick Stavros and Max Davis held in their hands the only winning ticket for the Arizona Lottery's biggest jackpot ever the biggest jackpot in United States history the biggest jackpot ever awarded in the world! And just like that everything changed forever. qThe Fork In The Roadq is a laugh-out-loud adventure that starts with a bang and never lets up for a moment. It's a qButch and Sundanceq buddy story, a deeply romantic love story, a side-splitting comedy, and a classic tragedy. Nick's and Max's windfall touches the lives of many, for both better and worse. This novel brings to life, in vivid detail, unforgettable characters, exotic locations, and twisting plots that are guaranteed to keep the reader at the edge of their seats, laughing, crying, and turning pages to its climactic conclusion and inescapable moral awakening. It has a message that will resonate in every reader it touches. Once read, you too will declare, q'The Fork In The Road' is my favorite book ever!q Steven K. Tegovich's next novel is called, qNine Tenths Of A Centq, a legal thriller detailing a trillion-dollar class-action lawsuit against the Oil Industry, for decades of over-billing the American people, a tenth of a cent at a time. A compelling premise ripped right from today's headlines! Coming soon!!!a€œGet me a bottle of your best Dom Perignon, and dona#39;t open it. And some of these ... Brian had to force himself to keep from calling Max an asshole, but he managed. ... After a long moment of silence he said, a€œI know who you are.a€ Max wasanbsp;...

Title:The Fork In The Road
Author:Steven K. Tegovich
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-11-04


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