The Freelancer Cookbook

The Freelancer Cookbook

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If youa€™re reading this, obviously you are considering a career as a work in your underpants person; but how? Thata€™s the hardest question to answer. Leta€™s be clear: working from home isna€™t as easy as those a€œyoua€™re gonna be rich from working 1.5 hours a montha€ websites make it sound. This book isna€™t a scam. We tell you up front that ita€™s difficulta€”but it is possible. This book will look past the get rich quick scams that flood the Internet and prey on people who want nothing more than to have a home office. This book will look at what you should expect (and shouldna€™t expect), what jobs are out there, and how, with the right discipline, you can succeed. So what are you waiting for? Go put on some sweatpants, and leta€™s learn how to build a stay at home career.enough experience needed to become a freelance interior designer. Job Description: Job duties as a freelance interior designer are very similar to that of an interior designer except that you work independently and for yourself. Once you landanbsp;...

Title:The Freelancer Cookbook
Publisher:BookCaps Study Guides - 2011


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