The Frog Principle

The Frog Principle

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George Orwell is laughing in his grave. We call ourselves the a€œLand of the Freea€ but our freedom has been slowly taken from us beginning in the sixties. Since 9-11 the pace of loss of freedom has accelerated beyond the wildest dream in all aspects of our lives. We gave the government the right to take away our freedoms. Our children will ever know what freedom really was in the United States. We have lost our rights over our children, our property and we have citizens spying on each other. Under the guise of a€œWar on Terrora€ the government can arrest a U.S. citizen without a cause, prevent us from traveling, listen to our phone conversations and often banking records without a court order. The a€œWar on Drugsa€ allows the government to seize our assets without a trial. Our court system, the death penalty and laws on obscenity are amusing and frightful to people of other nations. This book covers in twenty chapters examples of how we have lost our freedoms. We have become the froga€™s who are being boiled to death.Any visitor to your home will have to provide proper identification and nothing stops anyone from building a data base of who visited you and when. ... a€œTIPSa€, represents the latest Busha#39;s Ashcroft assault on civil liberty and just plain civility. ... When the plan goes into effect, UPS drivers, movers, repair personnel and amateur busybodies may be snooping around your home or office for signs of a€œ suspiciousa€anbsp;...

Title:The Frog Principle
Author:Walter A. Ascher
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2005-04-07


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