The G Street Chronicles

The G Street Chronicles

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For author Robert Batten, his Irish-Celtic, Western European heritage molded his past and helped shape the present. It continues to mold his future. Robert Batten comes from a line of interesting individuals who have stories in need of telling. The G Street Chronicles: Our Amazing Journey is a true story told through the eyes and words of a small boy, now grown. It is a story of three brothers and those by-gone days of earlier times in America. Batten takes you on a story-book journey of childhood and family secrets, pending poverty, faith in God, and visiting angels. Batten and his ancestors have been through it all. From depression to near dynasty, these heartwarming tales are a fantastic reminder that sometimes the truth is better than fiction. Join in on the struggles, life lessons, and successes in those early days of finding the American dream.In the meantime, the other kids sat in their chairs, horrified in amazement and wondering what was going to happen to me next and whether or not ... I was not about to try to start writing. ... When it became apparent to Sister Mary Elephant that I was not going to take the test over again on the blackboard, I was made an ... I remained after class late that afternoon and wrote the words on paper as I was told.

Title:The G Street Chronicles
Author:Robert J. Batten
Publisher:Tate Publishing - 2011-02


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