The Glittering Eye

The Glittering Eye

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Shabti wakes in a barley field with nothing but a hoe in his hand and a head full of fragmented memories. A vicious master torments his days, working in the fields with no way of escape, until a hole suspended in mid-air, leads him to a room. Two shiny gold eyes glitter back at him. Questions. Who is he? And to where does this room lead? Amy arrives in Egypt to join her archaeologist father on an excavation. All around her tombs are unearthed, opened, entered. Left to her own devices, Amy discovers a rock. But not just any rock. A great tawny cat stares back at her from its smooth surface, its shiny gold eyes glittering. Questions. Where did it come from? And what should she do now? When past, present and future collide, it's clear that some things are best left buried ...Though no one was nearby, somehow it was gone, leaving only a soft dent in the cushion. This time there would be no reprieve. Almost as the last chimes of Anhaia#39;s bell died away, Hob was on the spot, waiting for her instructions. a#39;Take thisanbsp;...

Title:The Glittering Eye
Author:L J Adlington
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2010-09-02


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