The Globalization of Musics in Transit

The Globalization of Musics in Transit

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This book traces the particularities of music migration and tourism in different global settings, and provides current, even new perspectives for ethnomusicological research on globalizing musics in transit. The dual focus on tourism and migration is central to debates on globalization, and their examinationa€”separately or combineda€”offers a useful lens on many key questions about where globalization is taking us: questions about identity and heritage, commoditization, historical and cultural representation, hybridity, authenticity and ownership, neoliberalism, inequality, diasporization, the relocation of allegiances, and more. Moreover, for the first time, these two key phenomenaa€”tourism and migrationa€”are studied conjointly, as well as interdisciplinary, in order to derive both parallels and contrasts. While taking diverse perspectives in embracing the contemporary musical landscape, the collection offers a range of research methods and theoretical approaches from ethnomusicology, anthropology, cultural geography, sociology, popular music studies, and media and communication. In so doing, Musics in Transit provides a rich exemplification of the ways that all forms of musical culture are becoming transnational under post-global conditions, sustained by both global markets and musics in transit, and to which both tourists and diasporic cosmopolitans make an important contribution.The Psychedelic Expe- rience: A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead. ... 2010. a#39;Re-Evaluating Musical Genre in UK Psytrance.a#39; In The Local Scenes and Global Culture of Psytrance, edited by Graham St John, ... London: Equinox.

Title:The Globalization of Musics in Transit
Author:Simone Krüger, Ruxandra Trandafoiu
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-12-04


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