The Globe's Emigrating Children

The Globe's Emigrating Children

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qThe Globe's Emigrating Childrenq describes one teacher's experiences teaching twenty-four immigrant students during their first year in the United States. From diverse places including Vietnam, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Mexico, El Salvador, and Haiti, these children brought their many languages and cultures to a first grade sheltered English classroom in a large urban school district. Kathleen A. Stark's thoughts and conversations with her students and her struggles to address each of the children's emotional and learning needs - while guiding them to recognize and question the assumptions of the world around them - provide a much-needed, intimate look into the lives and education of immigrant children. Stark's beautifully written reflections about the teacher's role and the role of education in general are supremely original, honest, and thought-provoking. This book should be read by any teacher involved in such areas as immigration, early childhood theory, literacy, foreign language education, and critical pedagogy. It is also suited to pre-service college courses devoted to these topics.The fact that he could read and understand this book represented enormous reading and language growth. ... He had progressed to this level with normal instructional guidance and family support, making use of conferences and brief whole-class ... He ended his first-grade year reading books that were for beginning second graders. ... Occasionally he would want to read an interesting passage to me.

Title:The Globe's Emigrating Children
Author:Kathleen A. Stark
Publisher:Peter Lang - 2008


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