The great credit crash

The great credit crash

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The dominant accounts of the current financial crisis--focussing on the lack of regulation, out-of-control markets and irresponsible speculation--have not offered us much beyond the kind of information that we can glean from newspaper headlines. This book, drawing on some of the most prominent radical analysts of the system, from Walden Bello to Barbara Ehrenreich, digs deeper, foregrounding the key questions that are still waiting to be asked. Viewing the crisis as a product of the social order that was built during the era of neoliberal capitalism, it presents a more complete and convincing account of its origins, development and consequences. The contributors assess current events and political responses, critically examining official rhetoric and hegemonic narratives to point the way to an understanding of the crisis beyond the subprime headlines. Contributors: Walden Bello Aca‚nAc Dick Bryan Aca‚nAc Gary Dymski Aca‚nAc Barbara Ehrenreich Aca‚nAc Sam Gindin Aca‚nAc Peter Gowan Aca‚nAc Michael Hudson Aca‚nAc James Livingston Aca‚nAc Scott MacWilliam Aca‚nAc Johnna Montgomerie Aca‚nAc Anastasia Nesvetailova Aca‚nAc Ronen Palan Aca‚nAc Leo Panitch Aca‚nAc Nomi Prins Aca‚nAc Mike Rafferty Aca‚nAc Susanne Soederberg Aca‚nAc Henry Veltmeyerscoring below 600 considered to fall into the aquot;subprimeaquot; category. ... to an array of consumer loans including mortgages, refinancing, home equity lines of credit, credit cards, home improvement loans, payday loans and automobile title loans.

Title:The great credit crash
Author:Martijn Konings
Publisher:Verso Books - 2010-03-01


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