The Great Wall of Silence

The Great Wall of Silence

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As the election year approaches, Addison Landon, an investigative reporter and political analyst, is about to uncover the most elaborate plot she, or anyone else for that matter, has ever seen. An actual plot to create the largest contiguous land empire in human history that began 646 years ago. What she uncovers is not an army that plans to overthrow governments by force, but a secret society that has ultimate political aspirations. Woven into the very political structure of Democracy that the United States holds dear to its heart, is a plot that is so well executed, that no one can see ita€blet alone stop it. Addison is in a race against the clock to piece together what are seemingly absurd clues that are linking her to the Mongolian Empire of 1206 AD and the ancestors of Genghis Khan himself. Ancestors that for 646 years have planned and executed the silent political takeover of the United States.It dictates how each successor will carry on with their lives with direct instructions as to how to carry out their role in the society. The set of rules must ... The father is always present and keeps it in a safe place until it is returned to Iron Mountain.

Title:The Great Wall of Silence
Author:H.C. DeBoard
Publisher:D3 Publishing - 2015-05-01


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