The Guide to Translation and Localization

The Guide to Translation and Localization

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This compendium of information on translation a localization provides you with an easy-to-read guide on how you can successfully approach a document or software localization project. The translation a localization processes are complicated ones. You can use this booklet to help prepare your projects a to better address your localization needs during the development process. The better prepared you are going into your project, the more efficiently it can be managed to shorten timelines, reduce costs, a improve quality. This guide is written in a way that will give you a good overview a a set of directions so that you can readily use it as a reference book for information on specific topics. By offering your products around the world in a version that appeals to each locale, you can increase your organization's distribution, extend the life of your products, a be less dependent upon the American market alone. Partial Contents: The Localization Launch Pad; Managing Your Terminology; Translation Tools; Documentation Project Management; Software Localization Project Management; Getting the Best Quality Translation; Software Internalization a Localization; Quality Assurance a Your Product; Translation a Localization Glossary; ResourcesOnce a glossary is created (sometimes the glossary is imported directly and sometimes it is established through the translation process), the translator works on his or her word processor and the CAT tool displays the previously translated text.

Title:The Guide to Translation and Localization
Publisher:I E E E - 1999-01


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