The Gun that Changed the World

The Gun that Changed the World

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The Russian word that is most frequently spoken throughout the world isna€²t Lenin, gulag or perestroika, ita€²s a€²Kalashnikova€². The reason for this is simple: there are 80 million Kalashnikovs in circulation on five continents. Once invented, the AKa€“47 assault rifle became the most widely used weapon in the world: from Vietnam to Palestine, from Cuba to Iraq, it was at the heart of conflicts and struggles everywhere. It is the only firearm that has ever been depicted on a national flag a€“ that of Mozambique, where it symbolizes liberation. Mikhail Kalashnikov himself, who was born in 1919, here tells his life story, with the help of Elena Joly, for the first time: his deportation to Siberia with his family while still a child; his time as a soldier in a tank regiment; his invention of the worlda€²s most famous weapon and his turbulent life under Stalin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Gorbachev and Yeltsin. This is a remarkable portrait of a man of ingenuity and vitality in the context of the often frightening and terribly unforgiving Russia of the twentieth century.They are semiautomatic/self-loading rifles capable of firing one shot with each trigger pull. ... The British short magazine Lee- Enfield (SMLE) rifle, introduced before the First World War, fused the carbine/rifle design into ... It is manual or semiautomatic/self-loading (semi-automatic and self-loading meaning the same thing).

Title:The Gun that Changed the World
Author:Mikhail Kalashnikov, Elena Joly
Publisher:Polity - 2006-10-27


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