The Handy Math Answer Book

The Handy Math Answer Book

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qFrom modern-day challenges such as balancing a checkbook, following the stock market, buying a home, and figuring out credit card finance charges to appreciating historical developments by Pythagoras, Archimedes, Newton, and other mathematicians, this engaging resource addresses more than 1, 000 questions related to mathematics. Organized into chapters that cluster similar topics in an easily accessible format, this reference provides clear and concise explanations about the fundamentals of algebra, calculus, geometry, trigonometry, and other branches of mathematics. It contains the latest mathematical discoveries, including newly uncovered historical documents and updates on how science continues to use math to make cutting-edge innovations in DNA sequencing, superstring theory, robotics, and computers. With fun math facts and illuminating figures, The Handy Math Answer Book explores the uses of math in everyday life and helps the mathematically challenged better understand and enjoy the magic of numbersq--One waytolook at itisthat factoringa polynomial is the opposite process from multiplying polynomials. One of the most basic waysto factor a polynomial is similar to factoring a number. Whena number is factored, the result will betheprimeanbsp;...

Title:The Handy Math Answer Book
Author:Patricia Barnes-Svarney, Thomas E Svarney
Publisher:Visible Ink Press - 2012-05-01


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