The Healing Crystals First Aid Manual (Large Print 16pt)

The Healing Crystals First Aid Manual (Large Print 16pt)

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From acne and cataracts to sprains and vomiting, this reference lists more than 100 medical conditions and describes the physical symptoms, psychological ramifications, and correct healing gemstones for each. The most effective form of the gem is specified - a polished pocket stone rather than a necklace, for example - and in some cases more than one kind of crystal is described to be effective. A comprehensive appendix with color photos of all prescribed gemstones, a guide to assembling basic home crystal kits, and a bibliography are included.The cell leaves its previous a€œhomea€ tissue a€” akin to its a€œsocial groupa€ hitherto a€” ancl commences dividing wildly. Thus ... So, what are the factors that make cells feel so threatened that they relapse into the archaic onea€”cell pattern of survival?

Title:The Healing Crystals First Aid Manual (Large Print 16pt)
Author:Monika Grundmann and Michael Gienger - 2010-09-01


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