The Hidden Whisper

The Hidden Whisper

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pol.ter.geist (noun): 'Noisy spirit'; source of disturbances of paranormal origin. In a retirement community in the desert of southern Arizona, Jack and Chloe Monroe have an unwanted guest. What once appeared merely strange has now taken on sinister overtones. What once seemed a curiosity now seems terrifying. Paranormal researcher Dr. Luke Jackson reluctantly takes up the investigation and finds himself drawn into a series of unexplained events at the Monroe house. Time is against Luke. He has just one week to unravel the mystery before he must return home. The Hidden Whisper offers a rare opportunity to enter the intriguing world of the paranormal through the eyes of Luke Jackson. Written by real life parapsychologist Dr. JJ Lumsden, the fictional narrative is combined with extensive endnotes and references. Learn about: - Extra Sensory Perception - Psychokinesis - Ghosts a Poltergeists - Direct Mental Interactions with Living Systems - Out-of-Body Experiences - Remote Healing - How fake psychics do what they do - And more The Hidden Whisper is a must-read book for anyone who wants to learn about parapsychology and the paranormal. Reviews ..q.a fascinating book... an excellent introduction to the different aspects of parapsychology. Lumsden writes with wit and insightq Tucson Citizen qAn extremely well-written and suspenseful page-turner from real life parapsychologist JJ Lumsden.q Yoga Magazine ..q.intriguing and well written... an appealing blend of science and detective story.q Paranormal Magazine ..q.a ghost investigation novel that has all the elements of a good detective mystery and spooky engrossing haunting tale... an informative overview of the current theories on the phenomena.q qThis book works on many levels, an excellent introduction to the concepts current in the field of parapsychology... at best you may learn something new, and at worst you'll have read a witty and well-written paranormal detective story.q ukChloea#39;s nightgown was sleeveless and the hairs on each forearm stood upright. Jack stood frozen for a moment, unsure how to proceed. Then he turned on his heels and made his way to a walk-in dressing room, lined with mirrored cupboardsanbsp;...

Title:The Hidden Whisper
Author:Jj Lumsden
Publisher:Bennion Kearny Ltd - 2010-04


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