The hidden world part 2

The hidden world part 2

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Through these two books I want to show you as much as possible the completely blueprint where I've worked on for years. It's my library, a collection from which I work, and the many documents that I now use as evidence. This book is a collection of quotations from many books, magazines, newspapers, internet documents and reports from others. Therefore I see this book as a manual / reference book for those interested. It's important to me that finally there is a book where everything that is concealed for us for centuries, is at a glance. What you do with the information and how much it is worth to you to know these things is up to you. Here I simply put those pieces that in my eyes came closest to the truth, and which fitted together like a puzzle. The past has big secrets which still are carefully concealed in the present. By putting the many citations and articles at a glance we see a strong message: Wake up people.... Verhoeven Gilberto FranAsois Croes Glenn Greenwald Gore Vidal Greg Benso Gutman Harry Truman Henri Look Henry CK Lui Henry Ford, Henry H. Klein Henry Kissinger Henry Makow Howard Zinn I. Asjes Ivar Giaever J. Edgar Hoover j.

Title:The hidden world part 2
Author:John Baselmans - 2015-01-01


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