The Hills of Death

The Hills of Death

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Having become disillusioned with his life, Alex Bevan decides to embark on a new career. A man haunted by repeated nightmares, his journey takes him deep into the jungles of Central America where unknown dangers and fabulous riches await. Here the story evolves two separate stories and two main characters. The first is the Englishman Alex Bevan, who in a moment of inspiration sells his home in England and goes to the jungles of Central America to become a coffee farmer. There his life becomes a desperate struggle to survive. The second character is a young Colombian named Juan Calderon. After finishing college, he aims to become part of his rich uncle's growing business. Both men lead completely separate lives until fate brings them together at a place of unbelievable supernatural horror.My room, like everything else, was very basic, supporting a crude single bed, a cheap fitted wardrobe, a desk, and chair. The only attempt at homely embellishment was a faded worn carpet that had been laid across a bare wooden floor.

Title:The Hills of Death
Author:Melvin Douglas Smart
Publisher:Strategic Book Publishing - 2014-02


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