The House of Loose Screw Heads

The House of Loose Screw Heads

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After barely surviving a bad case of medical malpractice, Angela suffers under posttraumatic stress disorder, and is sent to a rehabilitation clinic for psychosomatic illnesses by her health insurer. Against her best judgment and carrying a multitude of preconceived notions about such clinics, Angela arrives and immediately finds her negative prejudices more than confirmed a€“ at least in some ways. After a while, though, she discovers that the doctors and therapists can provide her with valuable assistance with her problems, and she concludes her stay on a note of gratitude for what she learned and experienced. The author, BAcrbel Kiy, treats the subject of her stay in a€œThe House of Loose Screw Heads or The Lunatic Castle with a Lakeside View with great humor, a healthy dose of hyperbole and just a pinch of scathing sarcasm, but in the final analysis appeals to all potential patients to dive head first into the adventure of a rehabilitation clinic.The room even had a black marblebathroom with a generously proportioned shower stall. ... The most attractive aspect ofa€œhera€ room, though, was without a doubt the wardrobe. It was an eleven and a half foot long sliding door wardrobe.

Title:The House of Loose Screw Heads
Author:Bärbel Kiy
Publisher:BoD – Books on Demand - 2015-04-14


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