The House That Hustle Built

The House That Hustle Built

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Beg, Borrow, or Steal. Worlds collide when a car thief and a self-proclaimed entrepreneur meet. Pearla is a born hustler, and Cash was born to steal. Pearla sets her sights on Cash and motivates him to take his petty crimes to the next level. Together, the two get money throughout the tri-state, while friends and family want to be upgraded without putting in work. At first, the couple makes it rain in the hood, taking care of those they love, but a hustler always knows when to draw the line. Suddenly, Pearla proclaims the ATM closed, and a quiet storm begins to brew. When the beggars can't beg anymore and the borrowers can't borrow anymore, friends become enemies. Words and bullets are exchanged, leaving The House that Hustle Built under attack and at risk of collapse.Theminute Pearla climbed out of bed, she heard the loud music playing from the living room from her bedroom, a clear indication that hermother was already up, probably drinking, and certainly hadsome male company over. It was the onlyanbsp;...

Title:The House That Hustle Built
Author:Nisa Santiago
Publisher:Melodrama Publishing -


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