The Human Face of War

The Human Face of War

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Warfare is hugely important. The fates of nations, and even continents, often rests on the outcome of war and thus on how its practitioners consider war. The Human Face of War is a new exploration of military thought. It starts with the observation that much military thought is poorly developed - often incoherent and riddled with paradox. The author contends that what is missing from British and American writing on warfare is any underpinning mental approach or philosophy. Why are some tank commanders, snipers, fighter pilots or submarine commanders far more effective than others? Why are many generals sacked at the outbreak of war? The Human Face of War examines such phenomena and seeks to explain them. The author argues that military thought should be based on an approach which reflects the nature of combat. Combat - fighting - is primarily a human phenomenon dominated by human behaviour. The book explores some of those human issues and their practical consequences. The Human Face of War calls for, and suggests, a new way of considering war and warfare.III/290/1 (Infantry and Armoured Divisional Ordnance Field Parks) effective 7 December 1943. II/215/1 (Armoured Divisional Signals) effective 20 February 1945. The Instructora#39;s Handbook on Fieldcraft and Battle Drill (Provisional), Army Code 60314, issued under the direction of C.-in-C. Home Forces, ... 3179/IIIa€“IV. FM 3a€“24 and Fleet Marine Force Manual 3a€“24, Counterinsurgency. HQ, BIBLIOGRAPHYanbsp;...

Title:The Human Face of War
Author:Jim Storr
Publisher:A&C Black - 2009-05-25


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