The Hunt For Love

The Hunt For Love

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Jacob Cassidy had a life long desire of hunting, and at his fathera€˜s insistence Jake was going to take a needed vacation. When he left, he didna€™t know his strong desires for the hunt would wander to a prey, with two long sexy legs, instead of four. Meeting Sherry while on a hunting trip, she caught his eyes, and captured his heart. Jake wasna€™t sure if he wanted to give his heart to another woman, after his ex-wife had burned him, leaving a hole in his heart. Seven years she managed to stay away from men. Working as a bartender, Sheryl Greene didna€™t know if love was meant for her. She had her fill of abuse and hard times, and grew up in a family with out affection. Not ready to open up she tried to keep her distance, but at his persistence, her desires seemed to be her own undoing. She had great friends and a very quiet life. He had a love for the hunt... But could this huntress love him?a€œMy leg. Get this fucking thing off my leg.a€ He yelled out. Jack and Ron made sure things were okay to move the bike off of him. ... There was blood everywhere, Jake pulled off his jacket to tie around Jaysona#39;s leg. a€œYour phone? Jake, you got your phone. ... on his cargo pants, he pulled it out, and flipped the top open. No service! Damn! a€œI need to get down the hill a little farther. I dona#39;t have any reception here. ... It was the last thing Sherry heard him say as they ran down the hill together.

Title:The Hunt For Love
Author:Amy Lawrence
Publisher:Author House - 2009-09-04


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