The Hunt for Snow

The Hunt for Snow

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Fairytales with a twist! Snow has successfully avoided her past for years ... until now. With an evil queen bent on her destruction and a hunter bent on her seduction, she has no choice but to run. Who will find her first? S.E. Babin presents The Hunt for Snow, Book 1 of her exciting, new fantasy series, Fairytale League. Every ten years a convention is held in a neutral location where people from all the realms come together and reunite. This is no ordinary conference, though, because everyone who shows up holds a place of honor in the legends of old. But therea€™s one person who doesna€™t care that Earth is neutral territory. The Evil Queen, Naomi, is out to settle a score, and shea€™s brought along one of her most talented henchman to teach the one who got away a harsh lesson. Snowa€™s past is shrouded in mystery. Mild cryptozoologist by day, private investigator by night, Snow is dead set on one thing a€” staying far away from the Huntsman who haunts her dreams. When she shows up to the conference with her two best friends in tow, things start going awry right away. Mere minutes after arriving, they find themselves thrust back into the world theya€™ve tried so hard to avoid. Now, along with the help of her friends, Snow is struggling to stay one step ahead of the queen who wants to destroy her a€” and the Huntsman who wants to possess her at all costs. The hunt for Snow is on. But who will find her first? Content Notes: Sweet, Fantasy, Adult Fairy Tales, Fairies, Paranormal, Magic, ActionThe queenwas still tryingto find me, and I could only count on the goodwill ofthe Huntsman for solong. I smiledat Belle.a€œI do know how to usethem.I just wish I could somehow wriggle my way out of this conference.a€ Belle leaned down andanbsp;...

Title:The Hunt for Snow
Author:S.E. Babin
Publisher:Liquid Silver Books - 2014-10-20


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