The Huntress

The Huntress

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When famed bounty hunter Ralph qPapaq Thorson is killed by a car bomb, his widow and daughter take over the family business, tracking down wanted felons. Initially they meet with strong resistance among the mostly male denizens of the bail-bond circuit, until they prove themselves more than capable of capturing even the most dangerous of bail-jumpers. A gritty look at the underbelly of the justice system, as well as the true story of two extraordinary women who have prevailed in a world of men, and who have fought their way to the top of their profession.No problem. He wanted to readjust the phone bugs. They left Pacific Palisades and took the freeway to Otsego, where ... had given them which ... they cana#39;t accept just yet. Sure, come along. No problem.a€ Taking his Sony camcorder with him, he.

Title:The Huntress
Author:Christopher Keane, Dottie Thorson
Publisher:Macmillan - 2000-10-15


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