The I²C bus

The I²C bus

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The I 2 C or Inter-Integrated Circuit bus is a two-wire control bus for linking microcontroller and peripheral ICs. The simplicity of its unique combination of both address and data bus functions has made it a worldwide industry standard. This guidebook through the world of microcontroller-managed serial buses will enable the reader to design an I 2 C bus-based system for virtually any application. Features include: Examination of typical industrial and consumer applications which will enable the reader to design effectively in a real-world environment. Examples of modular solutions at various levels of complexity. Instruction on building bridges to other buses. Accompanying diskette containing I 2 C bus instruction software. Structured in four parts, the book covers protocol, components, applications and development tools. This comprehensive text outlines the versatility of the I 2 C bus, which has resulted in its widespread adoption in a variety of areas from telecommunications and automotive dashboards to energy management systems and medical equipment. The text combines a user-friendly style with the expertise of the author, who has been involved in the development of the I 2 C bus from its conception. Linking theory with practice, this accessible source allows both professional circuit designers and electrical and electronic engineering students rapidly to grasp the advantages of the I 2 C bus.Master-receiver: a master who, after initializing a read operation, receives data from a slave transmitter. ... If a master-transmitter tries to generate a message start while the bit BB is set, the indicator AL (Arbitration Lost) will be ... The pending interrupt is reset (PIN = 1) each time data are read from or written to the S0 register.

Title:The I²C bus
Author:Dominique Paret, Carl Fenger
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 1997-02-18


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