The Incontrovertible Code of (Formerly) Unwritten Rules

The Incontrovertible Code of (Formerly) Unwritten Rules

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Never hog both armrests when you fly. Doorways, staircases, and elevator entrances are inappropriate spots to stop and chitchat. Always remember that one's own poop does, in fact, stink. When you borrow someone's car, fill it up with gas before you give it back. These are the unwritten rules of life. Observe them, and one rises above the great unwashed. Observe them not, and one goes straight to trailer trash. In this hilariously civil guide, you'll learn all of the principles of politesse our mothers tried to teach us--but some of us just weren't listening. So listen up, because our mothers were right: Handsome is as handsome does. If you never really understood what that meant--and who did?--then this book is for you. The Universal Code of (Formerly) Unwritten Rules: Because some rules should never be broken.... 104 Teasing, 68a€“69 Television remote control, 222a€“23 Television, responding to, 223a€“24 Temper, controlling, 89a€“90 ... 64, 136a€“37 Washing clothes, 217a€“19, 221a€“22 Washing dishes, 208a€“10 Washroom doors, 196 Washroom, hogging, anbsp;...

Title:The Incontrovertible Code of (Formerly) Unwritten Rules
Author:Quentin Parker
Publisher:Adams Media - 2011-07-18


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