The India and The World

The India and The World

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The India and the World: Shame and Uncertainty has mainly depicted issues like social, political, economic, poverty, illiteracy, lack of health facilities, insecurity, violence, corruption, indiscriminate armaments, environment pollution, hunger, etc., in India and the world nations, written in the last two and half years. Articles and essays have gone in details about what is happening in India and the globe. Exploitation of poor, downtrodden, and weaker sections of society have been highlighted. Important features of the book are indifference of world nations toward burning issues in the respective countries and also issues of concern throughout the globe. Compassion, peace, and nonviolence have become nobodya€™s concern in India and the globe, and these issues have been kept on the back burner! Notably one thing is very common in the worlda€”that is the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Shamelessly shameful activities have taken the drivera€™s seat. Everywhere in all the countries, uncertainties prevaila€”it appears that these important issues have little or no priority among elite and political classes ruling the respective nations of the world. General people are helpless and ruling elites are indifferent. Almost all nations are threatened with the so-called terrorism or militant fanaticism, which appear to have adopted militancy because of exploitation and hate campaign against them or their brothers and sisters or their nations in the world. World nations have made terrorism, extremism, and militancy into big hoaxes. Instead of finding solutions, world nations and their political rulers, as well as others, are blaming each other for these hoaxes. Last but not the least, the entire world nations and their people are in the grip of uncertainty and serious threat because of man-made miseries in destroying the environment. Because of unethical and unprincipled pressure on the earth, the earth is itself threatened to bear the burden of man-made destruction of the nature and natural wealth. Thus the earth is under tremendous pressure of sins of the people of the globe!The hill statea€” Uttarakhanda€”is originating Point of GangaRiver from Himalayan mountain range. ... (Myearlier essays on my link a€”www.kksingh1.blogspot.coma€” Dangerous signalfor Nepal and India becauseof climate changesin Himalayas. ... Eminent journalistand writer PrafulBidwai, who has written anarticlein the Guardianunder headlinea€”India floods:a manmade disaster, says, a€œthetrue causesanbsp;...

Title:The India and The World
Author:Krishna Kumar Singh
Publisher:Partridge Publishing - 2014-01-22


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