The Indian Epics Retold

The Indian Epics Retold

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One Of India s Finest Novelists Retells The Two Great Indian Epics As Well As Some Well-Known Tales From Hindu Mythology And Folklore. While The Eleventh Century Tamil Poet Kamban s Version Inspires His Ramayana, Narayan S Mahabharata Is Based On Vyasa S Monumental Work. In Gods, Demons And Others, He Includes Stories From Kalidasa S Sanskrit Classic Abhijnana Shakuntalam, The Tamil Epic Silappadikaram, The Shiv Purana And The Devi Bhagwatam.By exterminating the Kauravas, we shall regain our territories, but will that bring us lasting happiness? ... if there is one little baby left in the other camp, it will retain a small smouldering ember of hate, which could kindle later conflagration.

Title:The Indian Epics Retold
Author:R. K. Narayan
Publisher:Penguin Books India - 2000


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