The Internet and Society

The Internet and Society

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An examination of the social impact of the Internet, this volume explores political, social, technical, legal, and economic controversies in a manner accessible to the general reader. * A glossary of key terms, such as algorithm, ARPAnet, Hyper Text Markup Language, identity theft, Internet protocol, malicious mode, and Moore's law, helps readers find their bearings in the high-tech world of the Internet * Bibliographical sketches of 20 key personalitiesa€”both positive and negativea€”in Internet history bring this high-tech story to lifeA Reference Handbook Bernadette Hlubik Schell ... Not only was Kutta#39;s MCM/70 quieter and more powerful than the loud, fan-driven minicomputers in use at the time, but it had some ... Kutta#39;s other inventions included the key edit, a data preparation system for computers that evolved after the IBM punch card, ... Use the Internet, a€ a€œHacking Becoming Even Easier, a€ and a€œCan a Printer Invade Your Privacy?

Title:The Internet and Society
Author:Bernadette Hlubik Schell
Publisher:ABC-CLIO - 2007


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