The Intuitive Parent

The Intuitive Parent

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You already have everything you need to raise a healthy, happy, intelligent child Parenting today is practically a competitive sport, and marketers are all too happy to cash in. Scare tactics and scientific-sounding jargon make it seem like parents are in constant danger of hard-wiring their childrena€™s brains for failure. In fact, this state of parental anxiety is totally unnecessarya€”and possibly bad for our children. Babies are born with an appetite to learn. Children are naturally curious about the world and eager to explore it. They dona€™t need flashcards, educational videos, or the latest iPad app to help speed their development. Attempts to get children speaking and reading before theya€™re developmentally ready may even harm them in the long run. In The Intuitive Parent, Vanderbilt University child development specialist Dr. Stephen Camarata debunks the claims many of these a€œbrain developmenta€ programs make. Using accessible, down-to-earth language he explains how parents can intuitively support their childa€™s brain development by simply paying attention. Babies and children develop at their own pace; whata€™s more, they are hardwired to signal to caregivers when theya€™re ready for the next step. Restrictive tools like flashcards may derail your childa€™s ability to learn holisticallya€”and will definitely sap the joy from one of the most important jobs in the world: being a parent. The key is to recognize the a€œready to learna€ cues your child is giving you and respond in a way that comes naturally. Routine activities, such as playing peekaboo, reading books to a toddler, talking, singing, feeding, and otherwise meeting the everyday needs of a child, are the true magic that ultimately wires a childa€™s brain and helps children become an intelligent, confident, curious, and talented adults. Grounded in the latest science by a nationally recognized child development expert, The Intuitive Parent arms parents and caregivers with the confidence and knowledge they need to quit worrying and enjoy the time they have with their childa€”no fancy gadgets or pricey videos necessary. From the Hardcover edition.henever you purchase a complex product such as an automobile or a computer, it comes with an instruction manual that describes its operation. While you often can buy a more detailed technical manual that will delineate the intricacies ofanbsp;...

Title:The Intuitive Parent
Author:Stephen Camarata, Ph.D.
Publisher:Penguin - 2015-08-18


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