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Build your knowledge on international investments as you enjoy reading this book. This book is pregnant with secrets and tips for investors and entrepreneurs, as it clears some mysteries often associated with investments in developing countries. The book is useful to those looking for investment opportunities or has interests in Africa, Asia, South America and other developing countries on the globe. It seeks to `open eyes' of the reader on the investment and business opportunities in different countries on the timing, market entrance strategies, risk management strategies and other factors for considerations. After reading this book your fear to invest in some countries and markets will be dealt with as the author explains the opportunities, threats, risk mitigation strategies and steps to be followed for one to make a successful business venture. Many examples and case studies have been utilized to help explain concepts and experiences in foreign direct investments (FDIs) on some parts of the world. The book sought to reveal opportunities in different developing countries and encourage those interested in creating wealth, business opportunities and jobs not to buy time but invest. The Investors' Guide is a book that can be of interest to university students or ambitious young people with an entrepreneurial mind in developed countries who may have access to capital and a desire to create wealth for themselves mainly through technology transfer. Investors or multi-national firms who need to expand their businesses to any developing countries will also benefit from this book. The book reveals the huge returns that can be obtained on investments in different sectors in developing countries and this is a chance that one would not want to miss.Secrets of Investing in the Developing World KOSMAS NJANIKE. Case study 2.3 Opportunities in ... Five years after graduation he became one of the richest people in the world as he diversified his investments. This investor has also inspiredanbsp;...

Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2013-08-16


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