The Invisible Cause

The Invisible Cause

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What do you do when your life is turned inside out and upside down? Where do you go? Who do you turn to and what do you do now? In The Invisible Cause, Stacey Badger faces herself after losing the ability to walk normally and less than two years later losing her husband. These events brought her to her knees. With loss in her lap Stacey decided it was time to finally look in the mirror and see who looked back. She knew she could no longer hide and that it was time to face the pain she had buried all her life. Stacey realized that the person she had presented to the world was a false self and a shell of who she really is. She realized that the story she had been telling herself and showing to the world since childhood was not true. Facing herself, Stacey found the courage to turn around, look in the mirror and face the person looking back. It was time to find out who she had buried underneath the rubble. No matter how much pain you've gone through, Stacey's story will let you know there is always a new day. Her story lets you see that you do have the courage to go on even when you have lost everything you've known. Through her story, Stacey shows you that there is a new way to live and that there is a rainbow after the storm.I saw Don at the Buddhist meetings and we did finally talk to one another introducing ourselves and saying hello. But that was it and I didna#39;t ... Verizon Wireless outsources part of its customer service to third party companies. Afni, our employeranbsp;...

Title:The Invisible Cause
Author:Stacey Badger
Publisher:Inkwell Productions - 2011-01-08


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